What To Wear to a Casual Backyard Southern Wedding

For when the dress code isn't laid out in black and white (tie).

There are few things we love more than a romantic backyard wedding. While we can admittedly be sticklers for tradition—even to a fault—when it comes to weddings, there’s simply something irresistible and charming about a laid-back evening of wedding festivities in your own backyard. An intimate evening spent beneath string lights and among bare feet padding through fresh sod on the way to the patio cocktail bar adds just the personal touch that Southerners love so dearly.

However, if there’s anything we’ve learned about attending a Southern soiree of any kind, it’s that the dress code isn’t always laid out in black and white. The conveniently descriptive words “black tie” or “business casual” are music to a wedding guest's ears as they leave little room for anxieties of coming over or underdressed. However, for a more casual affair, discerning exactly what to wear to a wedding can feel like quite a feat.

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Although we love a casual backyard wedding for the very reason that it’s no cookie-cutter Southern soiree, unfortunately, there is often no cookie-cutter dress code to match. Meaning, you’ll see a little bit of everything and hopefully can land somewhere in the middle with your ensemble. Our style experts at Southern Living have crafted the perfect formula to help you hit the sweet spot with your wedding guest attire every time—sans the risk of upstaging anyone. Here’s what you’ll need:


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