How To Turn a Potato Into the Best Party Food Ever

The humble potato can transform into a delicious party food with just a wave of the wand.

The modest potato is one of the hardest working food items in our pantry. Not quite as showy and colorful as other root vegetables, such as carrots and beets, the vitamin-rich potato is, nevertheless, extremely versatile and can singlehandedly feed a hungry family—with the help of an added ingredient or two, of course. Bake it and add a touch of butter for a hearty and satisfying baked potato. Boil it and add milk for a soothing potato soup. The ways with sweet potatoes are endless, as well, from desserts to side dishes. Potatoes aren’t just for mashing, however. This budget-friendly item can turn into an elegant party potato appetizer that will have guests thinking you spent all day in the kitchen. Whether you are hosting a family holiday feast or a rowdy tailgate party, there is a potato appetizer recipe to suit your needs. So wrap it in bacon, dunk it in a dip, or fry it like a pancake. Hearty potato appetizers are so tasty that your guests may just forget the main course and linger at the appetizer table all night.


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