30 Delicious Ideas for Cooking with Carrots

Not just for snacking anymore.

Very few vegetables are as versatile as carrots. You can blend this root vegetable in smoothies for a healthy breakfast, roast them to have as a complementary side dish, bake them into cakes and cookies for a delicious dessert, or puree them for a rich and creamy soup. Incredibly sweet and earthy, carrots are full of vital nutrients and low in calories. No matter how you prefer to eat them, it’s always helpful to have a simple carrot recipe on hand for busy weekdays. Caramelized, glazed, baked, or braised—it’s time to give the humble and colorful vegetable the shine it deserves. Here, carrots take on a starring role, instead of being relegated to a mere supporting act. This means going beyond typical hummus dip or cheese paired with raw carrots. With this selection of easy and tasty recipes, you’ll find the perfect carrot dish to enjoy regardless of the season.


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