The Most Beautiful Sunflower Fields in the South

Road trip, anyone?

Sunflowers are one of life’s little pleasures. The bright, cheery flowers evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia, whether spotted at the farmers’ market or in a gorgeous centerpiece. When you visit a massive field with rows and rows of them on display, however, sunflowers become one of life’s pleasures. If you’ve never visited a sunflower field or sunflower farm, put it on your late summer and early fall bucket list. Witnessing acres of massive sunflowers lined up like sunny soldiers is a truly awe-inspiring experience. Luckily, we have some of the prettiest sunflower farms right here in the South. From down in Florida to the mountains of Georgia and over to Missouri, these are some of the South’s best sunflower fields and farms. These are in no particular order, and we’ll admit: There are tons of stunning sunflower fields not on this list. Drive down any highway in the South (we hear Allen, Texas and Autauga County in Alabama have a few), and you might run across one. These are some of our favorite family owned and run farms that offer up their sunflowers for visitors to see and (in many cases) buy. Many of these sunflower farms don’t just grow big yellow blooms, though. Check out their websites for family activities and events to enjoy while you marvel at the sunflower fields. So get lost in these gorgeous sunflower fields all over the South, and of course, don’t leave without some beautiful pictures.


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