Count on These Slow Cooker Recipes the Week of Thanksgiving

Adding these to the list of things we’re thankful for.

Hosting Thanksgiving is no easy to-do. It's more than just a feast for the family. The house needs to look its best, the table must be set beautifully, and the food should be cooked to perfection. During those busy weeks leading up to Turkey Day, there’s nothing like a slow-cooker recipe to keep you calm. To help your planning and cooking schedules this November, we’ve got the best slow-cooker Thanksgiving recipes. These will save you time and oven space so that you can get everything finished before your guests arrive. From classic slow-cooker vegetables for Thanksgiving like green beans and carrots to slow-cooker sides like sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and yams, you won't be missing out on anything this Thanksgiving. If you’ve never cooked a turkey but want to try something homemade, we’ve got the easiest turkey recipes around. For one of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, both the turkey and the stuffing cook in the slow cooker at the same time. Genius, we admit. (Mama said so.) And don’t even think about worrying about dessert–there’s something for everyone, cranberry upside-down cake included. Hosting Thanksgiving is stressful, so make it easier on yourself with these delicious recipes.


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