Fresh and Fabulous Recipes That Celebrate Summertime

Kick back, relax, and savor the season with these crowd-pleasers.

June in the South not only means that hot and long summer days have officially set in, but also that beautiful hauls of bright fruits and vegetables are just ripe for the picking. It’s finally peak farmers’ market season. Make the most of your heirlooms, beefsteaks, plums, and cherry reds—that’s right, we’re talking tomatoes—with our five delicious recipes using these ripe stars of summer. From the Bacon-Spinach-and-Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes to the Pasta with Shrimp and Tomato Cream Sauce, these dishes practically burst with flavor. Feeding a crowd? Our seasonal take on hearty lasagna uses three cheeses and thin, woven strips of zucchini to make this one-pan classic feel brand spankin’ new. And since it’s not a summer party in the South without something pickled, try your hand at our easy make-ahead Pickled Shrimp and Vegetables. It’s just begging to be added to the picnic table. To round out your seasonal feasts, dip into one of the forgotten fruit desserts of the South, packed with fresh summer berries, cherries, and peaches. While their names might cause you to stumble upon first glance, just wait until you get a taste of these six old-fashioned favorites. (Buckle, kuchen, sonker, and pandowdy? Say that five times fast.) If looking for a slightly soused confection, our Peach-Bourbon Upside-Down Bundt Cake packs just the right punch. We feel ready to start baking our way through summer—how about you? Here are 15 recipes that showcase the very best of summer.


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