44 Fresh-From-the-Farmers'-Market Recipes

What better way to celebrate the taste of summer than with yummy new recipes.

Have you hit up the farmers’ market yet? There are so many fresh vegetables and fruits available, you might be overwhelmed by it all. We’ve developed some amazing recipes to really utilize all those seasonal fruits and vegetables. Peaches are the most iconic Southern summer fruit, so we went to Pearson Farm in Fort Valley, Georgia to get the full experience. Stephen and Jessica Rose, of The Peach Truck in Nashville, shared some of their favorite peach recipes with us. From Easy Peach Cobbler to Fresh Peach Coffee Cake these recipes are easy and delicious. There are plenty of other delicious finds at the farmers’ market: tomatoes, squash, field peas, eggplant, fogs, and watermelon. We have recipes for them all. Virginia Willis loves zucchini and has shared some of her favorite ways to cook it. From grilling to spiraling, there are plenty of ways to make this abundant vegetable taste like new. Now that we’ve covered the produce, we can’t forget about the seafood. These seafood suppers are easy to make and can each be made in under an hour. Sounds like we’re having seafood on a weeknight! End the night wit patriotic Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Bars, made with fresh (or frozen) raspberries and blueberries. You’ll want to make them for the 4th of July, but we’re sure you’ll be pulling the recipe out all summer long. So get to the farmers’ market early and grab all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can find. These refreshing recipes will be worth the time in the kitchen.


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