Celebrate the Coming of Spring with These Legendary Recipes

Start with our delicious slow-cooker suppers, finish with our famous Southern cakes and pies.We’re celebrating this month of overflowing love with famous Southern cakes and pies you can whip up for the occasion, as well as with comforting family suppers you can savor every chilly night. These winter nights call for satisfying, no-fuss meals, so let your slow cooker do the work. Our delicious slow-cooker suppers use melt-in-your-mouth lamb shanks, chicken, and pork in some truly genius ways. We’re anticipating the coming of spring with incredible desserts that celebrate two beloved things in the South: citrus season and Junior League cookbooks. Hold on to your hats, because we’re diving into the mystery of our most requested recipe of all time: the Hummingbird Cake. Its rich, nutty flavor paired with its sweet, creamy frosting strikes a chord with Southerners like we’ve never seen. If you’re still on a New Year health kick, balance out these indulgent confections with our wholesome, hearty one-bowl dinners that fill you up without tipping you over, using healthy ingredients like black beans, farro, and cauliflower rice. Whatever your reason, it’s time to celebrate. Warm, comforting meals topped off with rich, mouthwatering desserts seems like good way to start.


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