24 Recipes to Savor the Flavors of Summer

Beat the heat with these seasonal ideas.

As the long, hot days of summer in the South keep unwinding slowly and languidly, we find ourselves craving the tastes of the season more than ever. To quench this craving, we traveled to Tennessee where the blackberries at Blackberry Farm are juicy and ripe, perfect for sweet and savory dishes alike. We went under the Tuscan sun—well, figuratively—in San Antonio, through the breathtaking olive orchards of First Texas Olive Oil Company nestled in the Hill Country, where you can taste three kinds of extra-virgin olive oil with citrus-infused notes of blood oranges, Meyer lemons, and limes. We thought up slow-cooker suppers that will give you an easy, oven-free (and mostly, hands-free!) break for fun summer activities outside of the kitchen. And, in perhaps our favorite endeavor, we decided to shake things up with creamy, dreamy milk shakes that aren’t your old vanilla. These Southern-style flavors will knock your socks right off, and keep you cool amid this sweltering heat. Now that the summer is really heating up, make sure to enjoy the long days with these delicious seasonal recipes made just for you, perfect for right now. Whether you’re dreaming of a Tuscan getaway or a mouthwatering blackberry tart, you won’t be left out to dry with these dishes.


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