Classic Comfort Dishes You'll See On Every Southern Funeral Spread

Pass the chicken, pass the pie

At first glance, a Southern funeral spread looks part special holiday feast, part celebratory potluck. The impressive lineup of casseroles, warm and cold salads, stately hams and rotisserie chickens, pans of cornbread, and baskets of rolls is fit for the coronation of a king; but in this case, it’s for a very different occasion. It really is true when they say: “Nobody in the world eats better than a bereaved Southerner.” And don’t forget the desserts. The delicious array of pound cakes, pies, jello creations, coffee cakes, and biscuits give every sweet ounce of condolence you need in a time of grieving. Southern funeral food is all about providing comfort to those in attendance and honoring those who are not. Here are the staple Southern comfort classics you’ll see on every funeral reception menu.


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