Time-Saving BBQ Slow-Cooker Recipes You'll Love

Great barbecue without the hassle.

Everyone has a different technique when it comes to barbecue. Whether you fire up the grill or ready the smoker, you know the feeling of an afternoon spent tending the meats. But what about those days when you want barbecue but don’t have any time to spend at the grill? Turn to your slow cooker. It will be your best friend. We have plenty of recipes for slow cooker barbecue, and we’ll even show you how to make ribs in the slow cooker. These slow cooker barbecue recipes will be the envy of the neighborhood, and everyone will be coming back for seconds, guaranteed. We’ve even included a few recipes for homemade barbecue sauces. With all the time you’re saving while making these slow cooker barbecue recipes, you’ll have plenty of extra minutes to mix up a tasty sauce to accompany it.


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