Sensational 3-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Recipes

From appetizers to desserts.

The slow cooker is a wonderful, helpful kitchen tool (most of the time). Slow cookers ensure busy cooks that they, too, can get a delicious meal on the table on hectic days. On behalf of these three-ingredient slow-cooker recipes, I’m here to inform you that the world of slow-cooker recipes has improved. As you might imagine, three-ingredient recipes are as easy as dumping the ingredients into the slow cooker, and letting it take over. But the even more exciting news? These recipes are budget-friendly, too. When we say “budget-friendly,” we’re being modest—these recipes are downright cheap. But we have even more good news: our recipes go beyond dinner. Whether you need an afternoon snack, a party appetizer for a crowd, an inlaws-are-visiting dinner, or a kid-friendly dessert, there’s a three-ingredient recipe ready for you. With these easy and creative ideas, you might actually have time (and money) to spend on yourself this week.


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