Savory Crab Recipes to Take Your Porch Party to the Next Level

Crab cakes are only the beginning.

The approach of summertime gets us itching to entertain. With our freshly painted porches ready and our pollen-covered cushions a mere memory, we’re prepping our menus and lighting up our lanterns in preparation for a long summer of entertaining ahead. First up on the menu? (Second to sweet tea, of course.) Seafood. No matter if our melamine platters are serving up savory treats by the sea, lake, or backyard sprinkler—we just can’t imagine a summertime soirée without an impressive spread of flavorful sea creatures. Not to play favorites, but a buttery, savory crab sure does hold a special place in our hearts—and stomachs. And although we’re firm believers that every at-home chef should master the art of the perfect crab cake, classic recipes such as that are only the beginning. The newest addition to our summer bucket list? Cooking through each and every one of these next-level crab recipes one at a time.


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