25 Essential Recipes Every Southern Kid Should Know Before Heading to College

You’ll thank us later.

Learning to cook is no easy feat, especially when learning to cook the comfort food Southerners grow up eating. Nothing makes you realize just how much work goes into those buttermilk biscuits until you’re off on your own, covered in flour and crying on the kitchen floor. But our mamas would never dream of raising quitters, and every generation gets there eventually—and has to return the favor. We know that sending the younger generation off without knowing the basic ins and outs of cooking a creamy pot of grits, cheesy pasta casserole, or gooey last-minute cobbler simply won’t do. There are some essential recipes that every Southern kid heading to college would do well to memorize like the alphabet; and we’ll be here waiting in the wings for a frantic call, of course, ready to tell what temperature the oven needs to be on for the crispy potatoes or roasted chicken. These easy recipes for college students are delicious, simple, yet still capture that Southern comfort feel. So check this list, and check it twice, because it’ll make a huge difference once freshman year kicks off.


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