New Incredible Ways to Eat Mac and Cheese

Because we just can't stop.

Everyone loves macaroni and cheese. Creamy, cheesy, crowd-pleasing comfort food in a bowl. But Southerners have a different relationship with mac and cheese. We’ll whip it up for weeknight dinners, pack it up for the weekend tailgates, and serve it as a side on the holidays. Every. Single. Holiday. From Easter Sunday lunch to Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll find this mouthwatering dish on our tables. Over the years, we’ve tried so many versions, and we’ve loved them all. We experimented with different cheeses, from cheddar, monteray jack, gruyere, and pimiento. We’ve tried mixing it up with all sorts of creative add-ins: sweet peas and prosciutto, ham and broccoli, cooked shrimp, chicken, and even spicy sausage. Despite all of the unique and colorful upgrades, we always fall back on the classic. A basic, made-from-scratch macaroni and cheese dish that we count on for ordinary weeknights as well as holiday spectaculars.

We will, however, always give a macaroni dish a shot at winning us over. (Who turns down any dish that has "mac and cheese" in the ingredient list?) Which is exactly what we’ve rounded up here. How many ways can we enjoy this delicious noodle-y dish? Take a look.


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