You Can Buy Two of These Top-Selling Candles on Amazon for Less Than $15

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It's a lavender-scented steal.

What's the only thing as wonderfully scented as fresh cookies baking in the oven? A Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Scented Soy Candle flickering away in your living room.

That is, according to Amazon buyers at least, who have made this large glass scented candle a top-seller in the site's candle department, as Apartment Therapy's Caroline Biggs originally reported. Also an "Amazon's Choice" product, the pack of two candles only costs $14.06 — that's a mere $7.03 per candle. What makes the candle so adored? The crisp lavender scent is soothing without being overwhelming and the candle is made from a vegetable wax base (soy and corn) and natural essential oils with a lead-free cotton wick.

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Each candle burns for up to 35 hours, and when you're done with the candle, you can use the jar for various household functions. Thank you, Mrs. Meyer's, we're looking forward to welcoming you into our homes.


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