Google Reveals the Best Time to Book Your Thanksgiving Flights

- RichVintage/Getty Images
RichVintage/Getty Images

Hint: you’re running out of time already.

Not to rush you or anything, but if you want to get the best deal on Thanksgiving travel this year, you should start thinking about booking your flights… well, now.

Even though the most popular travel holiday in the United States is still three steamy months away, according to a recent report from Google's Travel team, now (meaning late August and September) is the best time to buy your Turkey Day flights.

The alternative—waiting until October—could land you with a 95% increase in prices. And waiting until November (*clutches pearls) could tack on another 30% increase. Don’t even ask about how much it will cost you at just seven days out.

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Another interesting thought to keep in mind is that just because the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day, doesn’t mean it’s more expensive. So, if you can handle the crowds (and the stress) don’t nix Wednesday from your search.

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Google’s ultimate money-saving strategy is ideal for people with flexible vacation policies. “If saving money is your goal, take a day or two off at the start of the week after Thanksgiving; many routes have lower than average prices with a return on Tuesday, November 27th or Wednesday, November 28th,” the search giant explained in a blog post.

So, get to booking, y’all!


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