Our Most Delicious Lemon Chicken Recipes

From whole chicken to chicken soup, a squeeze of lemon does wonders.

A twist of lemon can add brightness and pop to a recipe, transforming it from good to great. Since lemon is one of the most popular citrus fruits, and chicken is one of the most popular go-to ingredients for meals, what could be more natural, and delicious, than to combine the two? Whether you zest it, squeeze it, broil it, or bake it, this lemon adds a pop of real flavor magic to chicken soups, chicken salads, and chicken main dishes. A chilled chicken salad is the ultimate picnic food, so simply add some homemade ice cream for a summertime treat. If you are having company for Sunday dinner, add a spectacular side dish to one of our roast chicken recipes, and you are ready for the crowd. Check out this lineup of delicious lemon chicken recipes.


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