How to Properly Clean Your Stand Mixer So It Lasts Through the Holiday Baking Season

- Elizabeth Livermore/Getty Images
Elizabeth Livermore/Getty Images

There are a few nooks and crannies you don't want to forget.

It goes without saying that stand mixers are a workhorse appliance in the kitchen. Whether it’s mashing creamy potatoes, kneading homemade bread, grinding meats, and mixing cookie dough, the stand mixer is truly an indispensable tool for avid bakers. But for all its benefits and advantages, the average stand mixer can get pretty filthy, especially with sticky dough, greasy butter, and melted chocolate and cheese.

To keep your stand mixer in working order, from now through holiday seasons to come, it’s important that you take proper care of it. Which means removing those pesky food particles collected in every nook, cranny, crevice, and separate attachment—not just the mixing bowl and wire whip. If you regularly make bread and Christmas cookies from scratch, you’ll definitely need to clean your mixer more often. Regardless of the brand and design of the mixer, here’s how you can keep yours sparkling and in prime condition after every use, courtesy of cleaning coach Leslie Reichert. But before you follow these steps, make sure you unplug the machine first.

How to Clean the Body:

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How to Clean the Attachments:

By cleaning the body and attachments, your stand mixer will be in tip-top shape when you have to bake on the fly.

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Stand mixers are an expensive investment, and it’s up to you to ensure this appliance lives up to its price tag. With every splash of batter and flour, make it a habit to clean up after you’re done baking. This way, it’ll be in pristine condition the next time you’re invited to a cookie swap.


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