Fix-and-Freeze Dinnertime Muffin Pan Recipes

The sheet pan just got some serious competition.

Every Southern cook knows that muffin tins are great for making, well, muffins. But the rule-followers of the baking world might not realize that muffin tins are extremely versatile cooking tools despite their specific name. These muffin pan recipes will inspire you to get more use out of your muffin pan – and for dinnertime too. If you’ve been limiting your muffin tin recipes to sweet cupcakes and muffins, you haven’t been introduced to the world of savory muffin tin recipes you can cook for dinner. With these ideas, you can use your pan to make new spins on dinnertime favorites like lasagna, enchiladas, chicken pot pie, and even cheeseburgers. Sounds like omething your family will love, right? These mini dishes are kid-friendly and adult-approved. You know the wonders a sheet pan can work at supper, but if you haven’t used your muffin tin to make dinner, you’re in for a treat.


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