Delicious 13x9 Recipes That’ll Get You From Breakfast To Dessert

Put your favorite pan to work.

There are few things that Southerners won’t try to answer with a casserole, and a 13x9 casserole? Man, will that solve just about any worry or woe. This most versatile pan can be used for everything from savory and sweet breakfast casseroles to hearty and delicious pasta bakes, even sealing the deal with simple and easy cobblers and cakes for dessert. Our favorite 13x9 recipes are quick to prepare, incredibly portable, make-ahead friendly, and satisfying for any occasion. Your family deserves to dip into one of these warm, comforting dishes—and you deserve all the credit. (Your trusty ally, the 13x9 pan, deserves a little too.) Whether you’re looking for a quick weeknight dinner that will please the crowd or a party-worthy casserole for a special gathering, you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious 13x9 recipes.


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