8 Colorful Decorating Moves That Brought This Jacksonville Home To Life

Designer Andrew Howard reimagines the look of this Jacksonville, Florida, home with a rainbow of shades

When a young family approached designer Andrew Howard about taking on their recently purchased home in Jacksonville, Florida, they had just one request: Use a different color palette for every room in the house. The 40-year-old riverfront home was in good shape, but it lacked panache. Even for Howard—who’s known for his vibrant, cheery spaces—this was quite the task. Fortunately, he knew exactly where to start. “The first thing I did was pull out the personalities of the homeowners,” the designer says. Next, it was all about the balancing act. “I think there’s a way to distribute color throughout your home while really reflecting who you are,” he adds. “You want to make it flow from room to room.” He achieved this with some strategic pairings, thinking critically about the in-between spaces, and (most importantly) keeping the big picture in mind. “People are so concerned with color. There’s still a fear of seeing too much of it in one space,” he says. “But I always think the rooms that we’re most scared of as designers and homeowners turn out the best.” Read on to see Howard’s eight bright decorating moves.


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