Home for the Holidays with Cheerful Christmas Color

Returning to the house where she grew up—for good—was the best holiday present of all for Birmingham resident Betsy Goldstein.

Betsy Goldstein and her husband Trey bought her childhood home when her parents decided to sell and transformed it into the perfect mix of old and new elements. The Goldstein’s asked Fran Keenan, neighbor and interior decorator, to reinvent the space with vibrant colors and lively patterns, and, boy, did this space come alive when complemented with bright Christmas color schemes.

Rather than keeping with a traditional red and green Christmas color scheme, Fran incorporated a colorful holiday color palette to match the style in this Birmingham home. She decorated for Christmas without sacrificing the character of the Goldstein’s home by incorporating Christmas greenery around staircases and lighting, placing fresh produce above the fireplace mantel, and adding a pop of holiday color wherever possible. With everything from colorful ornaments to a cheerful bar cart that's sure to please at any holiday party, this holiday home is brimming with bright Christmas decorating ideas.


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