Smaller But Smarter Cottage With Style

An eco-friendly cottage by designer P. Allen Smith shows you 33 ways to get the biggest bang for your buck without sacrificing style.

Small cottages do not charm on looks alone. Sure their petite proportions make them very photogenic, but cottage style homes also pack a powerfully efficient punch inside and outside. The smaller the square footage the cheaper the construction costs, furniture budgets, and power bills. There is a universal appeal to living in a small cottage that hits home to both empty nesters and first time homebuyers. Take a cue from P. Allen Smith’s personal challenge: to build a 1500 square foot cottage for under $150,000 using lasting materials and maxing out every inch. Smith found that living in less square footage actually makes his life larger. Why not embrace living in a manageable cottage style where you will look forward to tending your garden and decorating your home instead of fighting feelings of being overwhelmed by a larger home. Check out some of these small cottages and you just may be looking to downsize soon.


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