The Ultimate Sweet Potato Sides for Thanksgiving

One of the South’s favorite fall root vegetables, this brightly colored gem is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Whether you bake it, roast it, boil it, mash it, or dice it, top it with candied pecans, toasted marshmallows, brown sugar or fresh herbs, the sweet potato always measures up as a nutrient-rich, flavor-filled seasonal side dish. Besides the traditional sweet potato casseroles, which can be almost as sweet as a dessert, this recipe lineup gives you some different ways to incorporate sweet potatoes into your holiday menu. Try roasting and slicing one into a fresh salad, or dice and add to a colorful hash. As beautiful as these recipes are, they certainly deserve a place on your sideboard when decorating for the holiday. So if you have been asked to bring a sweet potato dish to the Thanksgiving feast, check out this selection for a new recipe that will soon become a family-favorite. When planning your Thanksgiving menu, don’t forget to include a sweet potato recipe.


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