10 Times Rice Saved Us From A Boring Meal

Without question, rice is the grain that reigns in the South!

In fact, most folks would say that a meal is never complete without a bit of rice on the side. It’s a versatile and filling food that somehow brings with it a sense of comfort after the first bite. But, preparing a satisfying meal isn’t always an easy task. Between caring for family members, focusing at work, and attempting to have a healthy social life, cooking a well-balanced meal is often the last mission on our mind. And as a result, we end up sitting down at the dinner table with a less than exciting supper. Here’s a tip: something as simple as a bit of rice can save you from that–ahem, boring meal. Whether you’re hoping for a classic dish like red beans and rice, or something as daring as stuffed tomatoes with pesto rice, the treasured grain will surely add a pop of scrumptious Southern flavor to an otherwise lackluster meal.


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