11 Common Plants You Should Never (Ever!) Bring Home from the Nursery Again

Avoid these invasive, disease-prone, foul-smelling, and just plain tacky plants.

Taking a trip to the plant nursery is all about preparation. Arriving with no direction, rhyme, or reason, except that we want to bring home some plants, is like sending our husband to the grocery store after saying, “Just get some stuff.” It’ll be fine, we say. Oh, but how horribly wrong it can go. Nonetheless, we’ve all had those bright, sunny Saturday mornings when it feels like the world is our oyster, and we suddenly decide it’s time for a total garden makeover.

Firstly, before any fertilizer is sprinkled or soil watered, you need to pick the right plants. Like our favorite grouchy outdoorsman, the Grumpy Gardener, says: “Sometimes in order to get people to do something good, you have to make them understand what’s bad.” These common plants are just that—the bad. Grumpy’s tactful tidbits have saved us a time or two in the garden, and now it’s time to pass on the plant-picking knowledge. Here are 11 of the worst plants you can—but really shouldn’t—bring home from the nursery ever again.


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