WATCH: Eww! 10 Smelly Plants That Are Making Your Garden Stink

Beware the foul, the fishy, the funky, and the skunky.

No matter if it's spring or fall, or if you like bright blooms or rustic greenery, your garden should be a place of refuge. When the wind carries the fresh aroma of your blooming flora, it’s nothing less than a blissful moment. Placing those fragrant blooms into a vase for your kitchen? Even better. However, not all plants smell so sweet; and we’d all do well to avoid a few unsavory picks hidden amongst the roses and daises. Sometimes the mistake is made before even leaving the nursery, and something as seemingly insignificant as the color—or even the gender—of the plant can make the difference between a sweet honeysuckle-like smell and an unappetizing skunky stench. Beware the foul, the stinky, the rancid, and the fishy—here are 10 smelly plants you should keep out of your garden.


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