Low-Maintenance Perennials for Your Southern Garden

No green thumb required

Who wants to fuss with annuals when you can tend a garden of lovely perennials? Perennials are great foundation plants for your garden, as they come back year after year with eye-catching blooms and foliage that is both architectural and textural. Many of these flowers, shrubs, and grasses are also hardy, drought-resistant garden plantings, a quality that makes them ideal for outdoor spaces that must withstand sweltering summers down South.

If you’re looking for easy-care options, we have you covered. We've chosen a few of our favorite perennials that are also hardy, easy-to-grow, and low-maintenance plantings for Southern gardens. These plants are either easy to tend from the get-go or they are easy to care for after they’re established in the garden. Here are twelve of our favorites—including perennial favorites coneflower, hesperaloe, and others—with plant information courtesy of The New Southern Living Garden Book.


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