Easy Slow-Cooker Recipes

With short ingredient lists and little prep time, these slow-cooker dishes will be ready to eat as soon as you walk through the door.

The slow cooker – once a novelty kitchen gadget that collected dust on many a countertop – has now become an essential appliance for beginner cooks, seasoned chefs, party hosts, and anyone who wants to enjoy the flavor of delicious recipes without spending long hours in the kitchen. Throughout this selection of easy slow cooker recipes, you will find a variety of dishes you can prepare with little prep time and a lot less effort than with your standard approach to cooking. We thought it couldn’t be done, but our Test Kitchen pros not only developed a finger-licking, slow-cooker BBQ ribs recipe, they also came up with a slow cooker mac and cheese that is as good as Grandma’s. If you plan on a long day outside getting the yard ready for winter, spend a few minutes on prepping one of the slow-cooker soups or chilis. Then come in later and enjoy a steaming bowl of goodness, coupled with a warm piece of one of these fabulous homemade breads. On Sundays, simply set the slow cooker, leave for church, and come home to roast beef and vegetables. Round out the meal with one of these tasty and fresh harvest salads.


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