Slow-Cooker Chicken Recipes

The convenience of the slow cooker paired with budget-friendly chicken makes every one of these recipes surefire winners in our book.

We’ve found plenty of ways to cook chicken in the slow cooker with appetizers like Asian-Ginger Wings and even company-ready meals like Paella. These slow-cooker chicken recipes are great any time of the year. Our Buffalo Chicken-Cheese Dip is a tailgate favorite, while our King Ranch Chicken is a kid-friendly classic that they’ll be asking for time and time again. If you’re looking for a recipe that you can fix, forget, and will be ready to serve when you get home from a full day, we have what you’re looking for. If you’re willing do a little extra work whether braising the chicken before it hits the slow cooker or rounding off the meal with a fresh side, we have slow cooker chicken recipes that will fit that category as well. Take a look through our easy and convenient slow-cooker chicken recipes and never again worry about a busy week getting the best of you.


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