Quick & Easy Desserts

Fresh ingredients plus a few clever shortcuts are the secrets to these time-saving treats.

Sometimes you simply want to sink your teeth into something sweet, and when you do you want recipes that are quick and easy. From Chocolate Chubbies to Free-form Strawberry Cheesecake, these dessert recipes show you how to have that sweet craving satisfied. If your sweet tooth happens early, you can start the day with our recipe for Peach-Blackberry-Yogurt Fruit Cups. They are quick to prepare, and perfect for breakfast. For a late-night dessert that is delectably Southern, you will love John’s Bananas Foster, warm and rich with flavor. Our easy churritos—baked, not fried—will mean that you’ll be able to save room for just one more. So plan to slice, scoop, and spoon your way through these delicious, quick, and easy dessert recipes.


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