Quick & Easy Breads

Baking bread doesn't get any easier than this! All of these recipes include shortcuts and creative uses for convenience items—while still offering the from-scratch flavor you crave.

Fresh-baked bread is the ultimate comfort food. Think about it, your house fills with delicious smells, you’ve got an excuse to eat butter, and you look like a kitchen ace to others when you pull fresh-baked bread out of the oven. We often think of fresh-baked bread as a chore, something that requires a lot of time, but we’ve rounded up some easy bread recipes that are impressive but so simple, you’ll think nothing of whipping one of these together. Easy bread recipes are a great thing to have in your back pocket as they can take a hum-drum weeknight meal to next-level greatness: that soup and salad suddenly look a lot better when you’ve got a batch of caramelized onion flatbread to serve alongside. Easy bread recipes aren’t limited to savory uses, of course; turn a Saturday morning breakfast into something special with our quick and easy orange rolls. Whatever the occasion calls for, we’ve got an easy bread recipe for you.


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