Quick-Fix Pasta Suppers

Pasta dishes cook quickly and offer endless flavor possibilities. Make one of our best Italian classics or try a new twist on an old favorite tonight.

Whether you’re in the mood for hearty comfort food or a light, bright summer pasta, you can never have too many pasta supper ideas. Pasta dishes are a great thing to have in your repertoire, especially these easy pasta recipes that won’t take up too much precious weeknight time. Need a one-pot supper? Pasta to the rescue! Had a long day, tiresome day? Mix up a batch of our ooey, gooey macaroni and cheese and put your feet up. Unexpected drop-in guests? Wow them with fancier-than-it-looks burst tomato and herb spaghetti. Spring vegetables, fall vegetables, chicken, ground beef, cheese, sausage, sauce–the combinations are endless, and can be daunting because of the sheer volume of possible dishes. That’s why we have put together this collection of our favorite quick pasta recipes so that you will always have at least one dish to turn to in a pinch.


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