4 Special Entrées: Ideal for a Sunday Lunch

Ralph Anderson / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey
Ralph Anderson / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey

We've made these recipes doable, and they're sure to be the center of attention at your next gathering.

Get ready for a feast. These ham, chicken, beef, and lamb recipes are good-looking and easy. They're ideal for a Sunday lunch, Easter dinner, or casual weekend gathering.

Each one is home-cook friendly: Three are baked in the oven, while the fourth is quick to grill. Take your pick based on the flavors you crave. We've seasoned, sauced, and spiced with fresh herbs, citrus, plum preserves, ginger, and even barbecue sauce. Must-know tips for success and simple garnish ideas are included too. Serve any one of our impressive entrées to your friends and family, and you'll want to try the others soon.

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"Four Special Entrees" is from the April 2007 issue of Southern Living.


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