Slow-Cooked Comfort Food

Rich and full of slow-cooked goodness these slow-cooker recipes are delicious and oh-so easy to make.

When it comes to tackling weeknight dinners, a dependable slow cooker is our tool of choice. Throw a few ingredients into the pot, set it on “low,” and go about your business. By dinnertime, you’ll have a fabulous meal ready to enjoy. Slow cookers are made for so much more than just soups and stews. Whether you’re looking for a simple, versatile way to use your slow cooker, or a way to make your favorite Southern comfort foods with less than half the hands-on cooking time, a slow cooker can save you time without sacrificing flavor. Juicy barbecue, tender brisket, slow cooker beans, creamy chicken, spicy chili, hearty potato soup, and so much more – your slow cooker can make cooking up a pot of Southern comfort food easier than you’d ever imagined. For a cold winter’s night, we recommend our crowd-pleasing, wine-braised slow cooker oxtail. Throw your ingredients in the pot and plug it in – within hours, your home will be filled with the savory, decadent flavor of Southern comfort food. You’ll never need to light another candle again.


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