Sweet & Creamy Pudding Recipes

These homemade puddings make for irresistible, easy pudding desserts.

You know that Southern mamas are fans of food-inspired terms of endearment—honey, sugar, sweetie pie, and pudding. Only the sweetest, most beloved desserts get to double as monikers for loved ones. And if you’ve never been called pudding by an affectionate mother, grandmother, or aunt, well, bless your heart. The key to their—or anyone’s—heart could be one of the delectable homemade pudding recipes, from the transcendentally tropical to classic—and super simple—chocolate. The base of many of these is comprised of supplies you probably have on hand, like eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and milk. Old standbys like our Real Banana Pudding recipe transport you back to meals at grandparents’ houses growing up. Or step things up a notch with a more unexpected dish like, Lemony Rice Pudding with Figs and Saba. (Which, might we add, is incredibly photogenic.)

Whichever you choose, these homemade puddings make for irresistible, super-simple desserts. Get even more quick and easy dessert ideas here.


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