The Best Food at Ikea (Really!)

Check out our picks for the best food products at the Swedish superstore.

Ikea sells more than budget-friendly furniture. The Swedish home goods chain also offers its own food products for purchase in its Food Markets and in its restaurants. As anyone who has shopped at Ikea knows, it can take hours, or even an entire day, to work your way through the maze-like store to find what you want, grab the boxes, and pay for your items. So it makes sense to offer shoppers something to eat and drink, whether you’re in the mood for a plate of Swedish meatballs or an ice cream cone. Ikea food runs the gamut from ordinary packaged items (cookies, preserves, chocolate, crackers, coffee) to Swedish specialty products you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere (salted licorice, marinated herring in mustard sauce, lingonberry syrup, muesli cereal). Best of all, the prices are low and there’s no assembly required. Here are a few of our favorite Ikea food products:


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