Fast Fritattas

- Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Try these tips for a quick and easy dish that's bursting with garden flavors.

Recipe: Angela's Vegetable Frittata

Long warm days usher in a wildly delicious season of local farmers markets and roadside produce stands. And Test Kitchen Professional Angela Sellers is sure to be cooking something wonderful with her finds. Here, she shares a recipe for a featherlight frittata and a few suggestions for picking the best produce.

Shopping Tips:

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Test Kitchen Tip: Angela keeps a blender handy for quickly mixing omelets and frittatas. This kitchen essential can also grind coffee beans and whole spices, make breadcrumbs, whip up instant puddings, and reconstitute frozen fruit juice. Don’t spend a fortune―less expensive options often perform quite well. However, lightweight plastic blender jars are less stable than glass, scratch easily, and sometimes absorb odors.


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