Smoky Barbecue Recipes

Light the coals of your next outdoor gathering with these tasty main dishes.

Barbecuing is a delicious way to enjoy a range of delicious foods, and for many people smoked meats are a key part of this kitchen craft. These smoker recipes highlight how easy it is to enjoy barbecue like this. From the Cowboy Brisket Sandwich, made with the True Smoked Beef Brisket, to the Championship Smoked Butt, these BBQ ideas will have you checking your marinades and filling your drip pans. For simple smoker recipes, you will love our Smoked Mojo Leg Quarters, and the Honey Barbecue Chicken. For long, slow smoker recipes, settle in for an afternoon with barbecue recipes like the Smoked Pork Shoulder or the Smoked Brisket. After your family and friends get their first taste of these smoked wonders, they’ll be standing in line, plate in hand, waiting for the smoke to clear.


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