From Our Kitchen: Cool Meals For Hot Days

- William Dickey / styling Buffy Hargett
William Dickey / styling Buffy Hargett

Recipes for entertaining that will have your guests saying "Don't hold the mayo!"

Packed With Pizzazz
Flavored mayonnaises take only minutes to make but yield big dividends in quick and easy recipes for last-minute entertaining. They can be prepared with regular or reduced-fat commercial mayonnaise, and they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week. When testing with store-bought mayonnaise, we preferred Hellman's Real Mayonnaise and Hellman's Light Mayonnaise.

It's not often that we find a convenience product that tastes as good as these buttery slice-and-bake cheese wafers. Studded with crunchy bits of chopped pecans, Mamie's Famous Cheese Wafers are made without preservatives. Sold frozen for around $7.95 a roll (baked according to package directions, one roll yields about 5 dozen wafers), they're terrific to keep on hand for drop-in guests. If your local grocery store doesn't already carry them, ask the manager to place an order for you. For more information visit

This article is from the May 2005 issue of Southern Living.


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