Cooking in Your Cast-Iron Skillet

Use your nonstick pan all the time? Don't forget about the versatile cast iron. Here's why you should use it tonight.

A cast iron skillet is a prized possession among Southern cooks. Seasoned with years of cooking and loving care, heirloom cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens are as valued (and fought over) as Grandma’s china and sterling silver. A new pre-seasoned skillet also makes the perfect gift for a young cook. Browse our collection of delicious recipes utilizing cast iron. We all know how great fried chicken tastes hot out of the skillet, and we love how easy cast iron goes from oven to table with weeknight favorites including Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole and King Ranch Mac and Cheese. These cherished skillets are also great for party appetizers, like Cast Iron Salsa, and for impressive desserts, such as Pineapple Upside Down Carrot Cake. Great cooks know the more they use their cast iron, the better it gets. Keep your prized skillet on the stovetop and reach for it often.


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