Cook Brisket Like a Pro

We give a thumbs-up to Fiesta Brisket, which blends Tex-Mex flavors with the Lone Star State’s most popular beef cut. Sauce the meat, grab an icy longneck, and you’re good to go.

When it comes to brisket, we Southerners have a love-hate relationship with the juicy, tender meat. On the one hand, beef brisket is absolutely delicious. Coated in sweet or savory sauce, crispy chargrilled on the outside, and smoky, moist and tender on the inside, beef brisket’s mouth-watering flavor just can’t be beat. On the other hand, most Southerner’s figure that cooking beef brisket is not exactly easiest task to accomplish. In reality, cooking a brisket like a pro isn’t hard. In order to teach you how to cook beef brisket perfectly, we will walk you through one of our best beef brisket recipes. Our Tex-Mex inspired Fiesta Brisket blends Tex-Mex ingredients, like guajillo chiles, Mexican oregano leaves, and lime juice along with classic Lone-Star flavors like smoked hickory wood and cloves. The spicy rub comes together in a food processor and soaks into the brisket for hours before the thick cut of tender meat is smoked over low heat. Like all good things, the classic smoked meat takes a while to cook – but this beef brisket recipe is truly worth the wait.


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