Our Favorite Thanksgiving Vegetable Side Dishes

Thanksgiving side dishes don’t stop at the sweet potatoes.

As one of the most important cooking holidays of the year, planning out your Thanksgiving dinner menu takes time and thought. Sure, it’s a time for family and friends and being thankful for all we have, but we’re all secretly thinking about how thankful we are to be able to dig into all our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes when the time finally comes. From the corn pudding cooked to perfection to the classic green bean casserole, we've rounded up some of our favorite Thanksgiving vegetable recipes to help round out your meal.

Whether it’s a steamy pot of collards or a tray full of brightly colored roasted veggies, Thanksgiving vegetable dishes are just as important as your heap of mashed potatoes or side of dressing. What more beautiful way to complete your Thanksgiving menu than to add bright, beautiful colors of Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes?

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With these Thanksgiving vegetable recipes, you'll see there’s more than one way to cook up a delicious green bean salad or add greens to your Thanksgiving dishes.


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