Adorable and Delicious Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Think beyond apple pie with these fun, delicious, kid-friendly ideas.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good pie after a filling Thanksgiving meal (and we have all the classic Thanksgiving dessert recipes you'll need!). This holiday, think outside the box with these creative, inventive Thanksgiving treats for kids. They are great for all kinds of seasonal celebrations that pop up this November, from the after-school party to your family's Thanksgiving feast. From adorable Chocolate Candy Turkeys to 'hearty' Marshmallow Turkey Legs and handheld Chocolate Pilgrim Hats, these Thanksgiving ideas will be the highlights of your dessert table. And even though you made these Thanksgiving treats with the kids in mind, we have a feeling the adults (aka the real kids at heart) will enjoy these just as much.


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