Natural Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

Recreate this look for your table with Thanksgiving table decorating ideas and a complete list of sources.

Thanksgiving table settings to some are even more exciting than Christmas. Preparing for and setting your Thanksgiving table is the kick off of for the holiday season. There are so many different table-decorating and Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas and many are around a theme – rustic, elegant, traditional, more modern, and organic are just a few. Each table should have its own personality and you can see that a rustic table setting is a more seasonal and non-fussy approach. Liz Demos selected to go with woodsy and elegant accents to make her guests feel at home this Thanksgiving. There is no need to make elaborate Thanksgiving centerpieces to bring punch to your holiday table. We suggest using a happy balance of inexpensive grocery story flowers and bits from your garden as the centerpiece. Keeping it simple means you too can try this come November. These are the Thanksgiving table decoration ideas that will really wow your guests this holiday season.


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