Our Favorite Thanksgiving Salad Recipes

Feel a little less guilty this holiday with these Thanksgiving salad recipes.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we constantly find ourselves mesmerizing about the perfectly golden turkey, cornbread dressing to die for, and the irresistible pound cake. We all know too well that the “one plate limit” quickly goes out the door once that holiday aroma hits us, and we immediately find ourselves much more hungry than we originally thought the second we step into the kitchen. However, those feelings can be combated with a delicious and hearty Thanksgiving salad recipe that will leave you satisfied without all the guilt. There’s no need to pass on the ingredients we crave all year to eat a boring salad that will quickly turn the holiday drab. Use cranberries, sweet potatoes, apples, and other favorite holiday ingredients to make a dazzling salad that won’t give you the holiday blues. Our best Thanksgiving salad recipes will have you feeling just as satisfied as you would with the traditional dishes, but with much less guilt and bloating.

Good news: There’s no need to wear the stretchy pants this year, and these salads are so good you’ll be craving more. Second helping, here we come!


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