Dazzling Thanksgiving Pies

The bird may take center stage for the main meal, but these beautiful pies are some of the best Thanksgiving desserts around and are sure to give a showstopping sweet ending to your feast.

Thanksgiving means family, and for many families, that means eating together. That may mean relishing sweet potato pies baked from famous family recipes. But for a new take on traditional classics, or for new ways to enhance the traditional holiday staples, here are some delicious new approaches to Thanksgiving pies. While the ingredients are familiar—pumpkins, pecans, sweet potatoes, and apples, for starters—these pies are slices of flavor and taste that will have you coming back for seconds . . . or thirds. You will want a piece of Apple Slab Pie as large as its same suggests. The Pecan Cheesecake Pie, Tennessee Whiskey-Pecan Pie, or Chocolate-Pecan Chess Pie may make you nuts for dessert—and may even have you making several Thanksgiving pies. Go right ahead. Then give thanks with your family, or friends, share the recipes, and savor these incredible Thanksgiving pies.


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