How To Shop for the Right Christmas Tree

You're guaranteed a stunner with this garden editor's no-fail tips.

No smell is better than fresh pine during the holiday season, so leave the artificial tree in the attic this year and shop for a fresh Christmas tree. Fresh Christmas trees evoke feelings of the holidays that artificial tree simply cannot. With the holiday season so centered on Christmas decorations, skipping out on important details in picking out a Christmas tree is a big mistake. From decorating the tree with beautiful lights and Christmas ornaments, to warming up the fireplace and letting the heat fill the house with a light note of fresh pine, your family deserves the joy of having a fresh Christmas tree year after year. Capture a picture-perfect Christmas every year, from the breathtaking buffet spread to the fresh Christmas tree adorned with tons of presents. You're just four steps away from decorating your living room space with our best Christmas tree picks.


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