Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas You'll Love

Yards of textured burlap, vintage-style accessories, and a natural color palette give this room a stylish organic feel.

Just because classic Christmas décor calls for red and green and an angel atop the tree, that doesn’t mean that is exactly what you have to do, year in and year out. For a holiday that comes each year (and the preparation starts months in advance at that), it’s a good idea to mix it up every now and then. Getting inspired and in the spirit is half the fun of the season, after all! So, we’ve rounded up some rustic Christmas decor that you could easily incorporate into your pre-existing holiday scheme this year. Whether as simple as adding in a burlap Christmas stocking or going all the way with some grass cloth wallpaper, these rustic Christmas decorating ideas will help you achieve a serene, simple change up in your holiday décor. Plus, we bet you already have some mercury glass ornaments on hand. This look incorporates vintage finds, woven baskets, and bronze-y warm hues—perfect for a warm, rustic, winter look.


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